Services overview

OncoFactory is  a  biotech  offering  unique, innovative and predictive  PDX  models  in  oncology. We operate a unique technological platform exploiting an innovative patient-derived xenograft (PDX) animal model, the avian embryo. Miniature replicas of tumors from patient samples (AVI-PDX) or from cell lines (AVI-CellDX) are created in a series of embryos in only a few days, for a large range of investigations in oncology.

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Our patents :

1.EP 3 167 048 B1 2.WO 2017/103025

Our services

We offer the following services for  :

  • Discovery and early screening: Screening on different cancers and lead selection.
  • Preclinical efficacy and lead validation : In-house predictive PDX models enable lead validation, biomarker discovery for your future clinical trials and patient stratification.
  • Translational biomarker Discovery

We can test all types of drugs (small molecules, targeted therapies). Our technology allows for:

  • Creating novel cancer models
  • Mimicking clinical trials
  • Identifying biomarkers of patient response and resistance
  • Quantitative analysis of molecule efficacy
  • Assessing patient response heterogeneity and predicting patient tumor sensitivity/resistance to drug
  • Assessing tumor aspect, metastasis (localized/metastatic tumor pattern)

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Our process

1.Creation of miniature replicas of patient tumors in avian embryos 2.Molecules are delivered to the embryo 3. Tumors replicas are analyzed in 3D microscopy 4. Molecular analysis are conducted on tumor replicas and host tissues
What are the advantages of avian PDX model? Efficient: Up to now, we faced no failure of tumor intake from patient samples, even for cancers for which no mouse model could be obtained, such as prostate PDX models. Powerful: A patient tumor can be replicated in a high number of embryos, which allows testing many experimental conditions in parallel and conducting statistical analysis. Fast: Patient tumoral cells survive, proliferate and cluster to form masses within 48 hours. We can monitor metastasis within the following days. Ethic: Our animal model strictly follows the ethical recommendations and benefits from highly simplified legal obligations.

Available PDX models and subtypes

Cancers successfully replicated in our model:

Reference molecule
IndicationSubtypeReference molecule
MelanomaBRAFV600EVemurafenib, Cobimetinib
TN (ER, PR, HER2)Cisplatin, Gemcitabine, Carboplatin
GliomaOA, IDHmut, 1p19qcodel
OA, IDHmut, 1p19qwt
NeuroblastomaStages L1/L2
Stage M, MYCN amplified Vincristine
Stage M, MYCN not amplified Vincristine
Germ Cell TumorsType I, yolk sacCisplatin
Type II, mixed testicularCisplatin

Custom- made models :

Oncofactory elaborates custom-made models to answer specific needs of clients. Please  contact  us  to  discuss  your  project.