About us

Founded in 2016 as a spin-off of a CNRS academic lab, OncoFactory is a start-up based on the work of Dr. Céline Delloye Bourgeois and Dr. Valérie Castellani Lincontang lab at the NeuroMyoGene Institute in Lyon.

OncoFactory is a science-driven biotech whose mission is to provide pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with innovative preclinical in vivo services for screening, efficacy studies and biomarker discovery.

Oncofactory offers an innovative in vivo model based on the grafting of patient tumoral cells in a host that is an avian embryo (AVI-PDX model).

The company holds exclusive patent licenses for the platform (n°1456531 – PCT/EP2015/065509 & n°1562693 – PCT/EP2016/081316).

Since its emergence, the OncoFactory project won 3 innovation prizes (Concours Mondial d’Innovations, CNRS pre-maturation program and I-Lab) and 2 scientific awards (The CLARA ResearchToBusiness Oncology Trophy and HCL-Lyonbiopole Clinical innovation call).