Follicular lymphoma AVI-PDX models to predict the response to RCHOP

We are thrilled to communicate the preliminary data of our ongoing FLINOVO program performed in collaboration with Dr. Pierre Sujobert (HCL, Centre hospitalier Lyon Sud and CIRI/Lyon 1 University), and supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR).

FLINOVO is a retrospective study including so far primary samples from 12 patients with Follicular Lymphoma (FL) with the goal to determine whether their response to the standard of care R-CHOP can be predicted with the preclinical in vivo technology of Oncofactory. In blinded tests, patient tumor replicas were created in series of avian embryos that received either RCHOP or excipient. The reduction of tumor volume was significantly more pronounced with semples from patients who experienced prolonged clinical response, as compared to patients with refractory of rapidly progressing disease.

Our first results highlight that Patient-Derived Xenograft avian models (AVI-PDXTM ) developed by ONCOFACTORY are a very attractive model to understand the mechanisms of resistance to R-CHOP in FL patients